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Pasta alla Carbonara !!

Waar komt het Pasta Carbonara recept vandaan?

Its origins have its roots in the streets of Rome, more specifically the Vicolo della Scrofa (Pig Road), one of the most emblematic street full of symbols.

It seems that the first Carbonara was made in a trattoria on this narrow street, in 1944.

The available information shows that the meeting between the ingredients available to American soldiers and the imagination of a Roman chef gave rise to this very beloved dish that consists of very few ingredients: eggs, bacon (then Guanciale) and cheese.

Over the years, the recipe has evolved into the one we all know and appreciate today with real Roman friends, in trattorias and star restaurants all over Italy and abroad, in the countless versions: with or without pepper, with a yolk per person or whole egg, with regular bacon or Guanciale. In short, now you know, there is no unique and original recipe!

However, to taste it properly, we must keep the tradition alive and therefore only use the following basic ingredients: seasoned Guanciale cut into strips/blocks, a golden cream made with egg yolks and freshly grated Pecorino Romano. The carbonara sauce is ready in a few minutes.


- 240g Fresh Tagliolini or others from our pasta assortment;

- 75g Guanciale

- 3 medium egg yolks

- 50g Pecorino Romano DOP

- Black Pepper


To prepare Tagliolini alla Carbonara, put some water on the fire to reach the boiling temperature and add a hint of salt, this is where you will cook the pasta later (min.1L/100g pasta).

Prepare all the ingredients and utensils you need, timing is the secret ingredient to get an excellent carbonara, we don't want too runny sauce or even an omelette!

Let's start by removing the rind from the Guanciale and cutting it first into thin slices and then into strips and cubes about 1 cm thick.

"The leftover rind can be reused to flavor other preparations, such as meat-based soups or sauces."


Pour the pieces of Guanciale into a non-stick/wok pan and brown them over medium heat for about 8 - 10 minutes, being careful not to burn them or it will give a too strong and slightly bitter aroma. When the guanciale is cooked turn off the heat, remove it with a skimmer and transfer the guanciale to a bowl and set aside. Leave the fat oil in the pan.

Is now time for the sauce: put the egg yolks in a bowl, add the grated Pecorino and season with black pepper. Mix everything with a hand whisk until you get a golden and smooth cream (if needed just add an extra yolk).


When the water for the pasta is boiling, take your Fresh Tagliolini from Pasta Cecchi and toss them in for 45 seconds! During these 45 seconds, pour a spoon of cooking water into the pan with the Guanciale's fat and reduce the heat to low, now pour the still al dente pasta into the pan with the fat. Turn it over to season it and turn off the heat.

At this point add the cream of egg yolks and Pecorino. Stir quickly to mix and make a creamy sauce. To make it more creamy you can add a little cooking water. Only add the Guanciale at the end, mix one last time and serve the Tagliolini alla Carbonara immediately.

To garnish, add more grated Pecorino on top, a pinch of black pepper to taste and BUON APPETITO!!


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