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How it started


Italian tradition directly available

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In 2009 I came " Cecchi " to the Netherlands for an interview on a beautiful and warm day in May, a few days later I decided to move to Leiden and started a new journey far from my family and from home: Italy .


I always thought that countries in Northern Europe, and therefore Holland, were cold and too dark to live but I was wrong... ok winters are not the best, but from March to November it's a beautiful country with some differences in eating habits compared to where I come from, including Fresh Pasta or "pasta fresca" in Italian.

The Dutch

During all these years I have discovered the Netherlands, I have created my own family and I have been triggered to know more about Dutch culture. One day I received a gift from my wife, a book on how to handle Dutch, I learned that they are great planners, are tolerant and always split the bill (known worldwide as ' going Dutch '). But when it comes to food, they usually don't spend much time in the kitchen or at the table to eat as we do in Italy, although they are very attracted to our food and habit. A changing process in our direction is underway.

Why Fresh Pasta?

Verse Pasta Leiden
Pasta Cecchi verse pasta Leiden

Because the Dutch like to enjoy a croquette sandwich during their holiday on Lake Garda, they also like to find Italian products in the Netherlands for the rest of the year. But something was missing for both me and the Dutch, almost impossible to find, it was the taste and perfume of authentic fresh pasta! In Italy is part of our culture, each region has different shapes , recipes and traditions, shops and small laboratories are practically everywhere. Is an excellent product with real ingredients, an integral part of our life, but difficult to export due to its very short shelf life .

The only way was to make it yourself and as part of an instinctual desire to share all people, I wanted people to prove the same emotions while eating it. I have enjoyed my fresh pasta with family, friends, colleagues and even at a few parties. One time, I made Ravioli filled with plain spinach and ricotta for a private harbor party and nearly all 80 guests asked for a second serving with big smiles on their faces. The same happened during a summer party of the block where I live, huge success.


Finally I found out what my next mission was, to make everyone enjoy it at home and bring the Italian tradition of authentic fresh pasta right here in Leiden with my own hands.

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