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Pasta Cecchi has always offered the best of Italian tradition through fresh pasta. Now also with new high quality delicacies that allow you to create simple and tasty dishes and enjoy them in the comfort of your home.

Porcini mushrooms

Porcini Boletus edulis

Porcini mushrooms in oil

Sliced porcini in olive oil

(only available in our showcase on the market)

In Piedmont it is generally possible to collect Porcini mushrooms from May to the end of October. It is important to know that there are four different types of porcini mushrooms that do not grow in the same place or in the same period.

“Porcino Estatino” : the first Porcino to emerge from the ground in the warm plains and found on the edges of oak forests on south-facing points.

“Black Porcino” : this species also likes warm soil and actually only bears fruit under very warm conditions, so between July and September.

“Red Porcino” : it is a mountain porcini that grows at high altitudes. Unlike the two previous porcini, it does not like heat and therefore grows in cool and moist areas. Find it in the fall between September and early November.

“Porcino Boletus Edulis” : undoubtedly the most appreciated, well-known and therefore sought after porcini mushroom. It only begins to grow when temperatures drop in the lowland areas towards the end of September to the end of October. It is also possible to find it a little earlier in the mountains, but it is very difficult to identify the areas where it grows.

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