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  • Freshly made in Leiden by Italian hands!
  • Cooking time: 1 min.



    Ballerine (also known as "gigli") is one of the most beautiful pasta shapes. Each piece of this pasta looks like a long dress with ruffled edges.
    This form of pasta is said to originate from Tuscany, this is because the lily (Gigli) is the emblem of Florence and has been part of the city's coat of arms for about a thousand years! However we thought Ballerine is the best name.


    Tuscans serve that pasta in typical regional recipes, such as with venison ragout. However, it is also a very popular pasta partner for creamy sauces and vegetable-based sauces because the small pieces of vegetable or meat get stuck well in between.


    Its short shape also makes it a perfect choice for pasta salad to take to the beach or for a picnic:

    Pasta salad
    Ragù (Bolognese sauce)
    Gricia pasta
    Pasta with zucchini
    Pasta with eggplant
    Pasta alla Norma
    Pasta with pepper cream
    Sorrento pasta
    Pasta alla zozzona
    Pumpkin paste
    Gorgonzola and walnut paste

  • Ingredients

    Fresh egg pasta made with hard wheat, flour, eggs* and water.



    Allergens: gluten, wheat, egg. May contain traces of fish, nuts, celery, cow's milk, lactose.

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