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  • Fresh Ravioli made in Leiden with Pumpkin, Taleggio Truffle and Porcini mushrooms!
  • Cooking time: 2,5 - 3 min.

    Pumpkin is the queen of the fall season, but more generally it is Ravioli with Pumpkin a typical dish from Northern Italy.


    In Italy each region has its own recipes and traditions that see slight variations in the pumpkin filling, Pasta Cecchi wants to deliver you an original taste connected with Piedmont region through its iconic symbols such as Porcini Mushrooms, Taleggio and Truffle.


    What is Taleggio cheese?

    Taleggio is a typical old cheese from the mountains of northern Italy. Its taste is relatively sweet, with a very light acid vein, smoothly aromatic with a subtile truffle aftertaste making it perfect paired with truffles in the autumn season.


    Cook your Ravioli 2.5 minutes, do not cover the pan during cooking time and gently stir the ravioli every now and then. After 2.5 minutes collect the ravioli with a skimmer and put them in the pan with the sauce for 1 minute.


    TIP!! The cooking water of the pasta is rich in mineral salts and starch, save it and add a few spoonfuls to mix the pasta better with the sauce and give it more creaminess in a natural way.



  • Ingredients

    Ingredients: Pumpkin, durum wheat, Taleggio with Truffle, wheat flour, Grana Padano, egg, water, porcini mushrooms, herbs and spices.


    Allergen: gluten, wheat, egg, cow's milk and lactose. May contain traces of fish, nuts.

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