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Ravioli Mackerel in lemon flavored butter

Vis Ravioli zoals Makreel of Zalm zijn een elegant en heerlijk gerecht om aan tafel te serveren, maar ook eenvoudig en snel te bereiden.

Fish Ravioli such as Mackerel or Salmon are an elegant and delicious dish to serve at the table, but also easy and quick to prepare. The secret to enhancing the flavors lies in the lemon flavored butter crème. In today's recipe we use Ravioli with Smoked Wild Caught Mackerel, very rich in omega 3, no risk of mercury and an excellent source of proteins with a high biological value.


- 300g of RAVIOLI with WILD CAUGHT MACKEREL or others of your choice from our Ravioli range;

Ingredienten RAVIOLI met WILDVANG MAKREEL in Leiden

- 25g Butter

- 1 Lemon (Organic)

- 1 Garlic clove

- 5 tablespoons of Extra Virgin olive oil

- 5 tablespoons of cold water

- Fresh Parsley

PREPARATION: STEP 1 Put some water on the stove with a hint of salt to reach the boiling temperature, where you will later cook the pasta (1L / 100g pasta).

Put the butter in a bowl, add a few tablespoons of cold water and grate the zest of an organic lemon on top (not the white pulp) and let it melt in a bain-marie on the hot water kettle for 2 minutes.

Now beat the butter, lemon zest and water with an electric whisk and keep the bowl aside.

Maak een emulsie op oliebasis, vers gehakte peterselie en een halve teen knoflook geperst met een knoflookpers.

STEP 2 Make an oil-based emulsion by simply adding freshly chopped parsley and half a clove of garlic squeezed with a garlic press and mixing everything together. STEP 3 Now cook your Fresh Ravioli with Mackerel from Pasta Cecchi in the boiling water for 3 minutes, and using a sieve drain the cooked pasta directly into the bowl with the lemon-scented butter and stir 1 minute to mix all the flavors. Then garnish with the oil emulsion to enhance the flavor of each ravioli and enrich the beauty of this special dish and serve them warm on your plates with a delicious white wine.

Ravioli Mackerel in lemon flavored butter

~ ~ ~

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