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Ravioli met Walnut Pesto

Fresh Ravioli Ricotta and Spinach with walnut pesto, blue cheese, Parmesan cheese, cress.

When I walk out of my laboratory I am always alert to everything I come across and concerning pasta, I have often found strong inspirations! An example recently, I walked into the supermarket and the cover of +Lekker, a special issue of Plus Magazine, hit me with a picture of a plate of ravioli with a rustic flavor. I opened it and inside I found several recipes titled "Super Quick Spring Pastas"...

This is the cover photo, Ravioli with Ricotta and Spinach made with Walnut Pesto, I tried it at home and it's delicious!

+Lekker, special issue of Plus Magazine.

INGREDIENTS 2 pers: - 300g RAVIOLI with RICOTTA & SPINACH or others of your choice from our Ravioli range; - 100g walnuts - 100g blue cheese - 40g grated Parmigiano Reggiano - Cress - 40g breadcrumbs - 80ml Extra Virgin Olive Oil - 1 tsp sea salt - ½ tsp black pepper


Put some water on the stove with a hint of salt to reach the cooking temperature, where you will cook the pasta later (1L/100g pasta).

Put about 80% of the walnuts together with the breadcrumbs, sea salt, black pepper, Parmigiano Reggiano and olive oil in the blender and mix to a smooth pesto. Now use half of the walnut pesto and put them in a bowl. Take the blue cheese and cut it into small pieces, rinse some cress and set it aside for later, then take the last few walnuts and crush them.


Now cook the fresh ravioli according to the instructions on the package. TIP!! While the ravioli are cooking, take a few tablespoons of cooking water to make the walnut pesto creamier, otherwise you risk breaking some of the ravioli as the sauce may be a little too firm. When the Ravioli are ready, drain them with a shovel and toss the pasta together with the pesto and toss well. Add a few more tablespoons of cooking water if you want the creamiest sauce. Divide the Ravioli between plates and garnish with the blue cheese, crushed walnuts and cress. BUON APPETITO!!

Fresh Ravioli Ricotta and Spinach with walnut pesto, blue cheese, Parmesan cheese, cress.
Ravioli with walnut pesto


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