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Ravioli Sapore di Mare with Peas

INGREDIENTS 2 pers: - 300g RAVIOLI SAPORE DI MARE or others of your choice from our Ravioli range; - 1 clove of garlic; - 1 half red onion; - 1 tablespoon of smoked bacon cubes; - 1 handful of peas (fresh or frozen); - 1 tablespoon of mascarpone (alternatively butter); - extra virgin olive oil; - parsley;


Put some water on the stove with a hint of salt to reach the cooking temperature, where you will cook the pasta later (1L/100g pasta).

Cook the peas in cooking water for 5 minutes if frozen (or 3 minutes if fresh). Collect them with a skimmer and set them aside.


In a pan (better a wok pan) put 2 or 3 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil and the crushed garlic clove to taste the oil, once it turns brown, remove it and add the finely chopped onion. Cook for a few minutes over medium heat and then, once it is soft, add the bacon and increase the heat for 3 minutes.

Then add the peas, mix well and turn off the heat. Now add the mascarpone, mix again all the ingredients and cover with the lid to maintain warm and humid.


It's time to cook the ravioli in water at boiling temperature. When they're done, collect the Ravioli with a skimmer and put them in the pan with the pea dressing. Mix well and serve garnished with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil and some fresh parsley, if desired. BUON APPETITO!!


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