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Ravioli with Green Asparagus and Saffron Cream

Asparagus with Saffron Cream is a delicious vegetarian recipe that lends itself perfectly to serve as a seasoning with a dish of ravioli or simple fresh pasta. An easy-to-prepare recipe that gives you a dish with harmonious and well-coordinated flavors. The unique aroma of saffron, a precious spice with a thousand virtues, goes well with the taste of asparagus and makes it sweeter and more delicate. To optimally enjoy asparagus with saffron, you should preferably choose new green asparagus with a delicate taste and quickly cooked.


- 300g RAVIOLI CHEESE LOVERS or others of your choice from our Ravioli range;

- 0.4gr Saffron pistils - 4 Green Asparagus - 6 Cherry tomatoes - 1 sprig of fresh thyme - 2 tablespoons of Extra Virgin Olive Oil - 15gr Butter


Put some water on the stove to reach the boiling temperature and add a hint of salt, this is where you will cook the pasta later (min. 1L/100g pasta). We start with the butter and saffron, we combine them first to extract all the flavor of the saffron. Put the butter and saffron mashers in a large bowl, take a little hot cooking water and add it to make a cream, stirring occasionally (see photo), when ready, put them in a bowl to mix keep warm by covering with aluminum foil.

In a non-stick pan, pour 1 tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil, cook over low heat with the lid on for 7-10 minutes. cut the tomatoes into 4 parts to make them soft and lose all their juice to almost become a sauce. Once ready, add salt to taste and place in a bowl to keep warm by covering with aluminum foil.


Wash the green asparagus, cut into pieces and discard the hard and stringy tails. Now cut the asparagus in half and let them dry for 5-7 minutes. in the water where we will cook the pasta. This gives the water the taste of the asparagus and our pasta becomes even tastier.

As soon as the asparagus are ready, take them out with tongs and cut off the tips with which we will garnish the dish.

Put the rest of the asparagus in a mixer together with 1 tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil, the fresh thyme, salt to taste and mix until it becomes a velvety cream. Now also put this cream in a bowl to keep it warm by covering it with aluminum foil.


Now it's time to eat, we can't wait any longer, take the ravioli and throw them into the pan of boiling water and cook them for the time stated on the package. Once done, collect them using a slotted spoon and, along with the saffron cream, pour them into a large bowl, mix well and use a few tablespoons of cooking water to increase the creaminess. Now serve the ravioli on plates and garnish to taste with the asparagus cream, tomato sauce and asparagus tips. Optional to garnish can be pine nuts, a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil, a few leaves of fresh thyme or a dash of Parmigiano Reggiano. BUON APPETITO!


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