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Ravioli with Mackerel and Chickpea Cream

Mackerel is a fish that is one of the best known and most appreciated in Mediterranean cuisine for its rich yet light flavor.

This Wild Caught Mackerel is smoked in the traditional way in smoking cabinets on an open fire. The expert producer uses a mixture of beech and spruce and the smoking process takes an average of 2 to 3 hours.


- 300g of RAVIOLI with WILD CAUGHT MACKEREL or others of your choice from our Ravioli range;

Deze Wildvang Makreel wordt op ambachtelijke wijze gerookt door rookkasten op open vuur

-- 120g Dried Chickpeas - 1 Garlic clove - 1 Sprig of Rosemary - An handful of pistachios - Extra Virgin Olive Oil

TIP! You can also use precooked chickpeas, but the result will not be the same. With chickpeas cooked at home and their cooking water flavored with garlic and rosemary, success in this simple and delicate dish is guaranteed.


Boil the soaked chickpeas (soaked in water for 12 hours) in a pan with a clove of garlic and a sprig of rosemary. Cook for about 1 hour and at the end adjust the salt to taste.

Salt is only added at the end to prevent the chickpeas from being hard or unevenly cooked.

STEP 2 Put some water on the stove with a hint of salt to reach the boiling temperature, where you will later cook the pasta (1L / 100g pasta).

Neem de gekookte kikkererwten, je kunt de rozemarijn eruit halen maar bewaar het teentje knoflook want dat zal aangenaam zijn, het moet een fluweelzachte crème worden voor je verse pasta.

Take the boiled chickpeas, you can remove the rosemary but keep the clove of garlic because will be pleasant, add some extra water where you boiled the chickpeas in and mix it well with a mixer. Add more water until you reach a liquid cream, it should become a velvety soft cream.

Taste it now and season with salt if necessary.

STEP 3 Take the peeled pistachios and roughly crumble them, they will serve to garnish the dish and accompany every bite. Now take your box of RAVIOLI with WILD CAUGHT MACKEREL and cook them for 3 minutes. Meanwhile, pour the chickpea cream onto the plates to create a thin bed for the ravioli. Then drain the ravioli with a skimmer and divide between plates. It is now time to garnish your dishes with pistachios and Extra Virgin olive oil. Serve hot accompanied by a good glass of rosé wine and enjoy this delicious Ravioli with a soft and creamy fish filling... BUON APPETITO!

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