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Ravioli with Sage Butter & Roasted Pine Nuts

What sauce can I eat ravioli with? This is the most common question that customers ask us and the answer is quite the simplest! The easiest and most delicious way to flavor the majority of ravioli is with butter and sage. This way you can create a classic dish for traditional Italian lunches and dinners. Green is the color of spring as well as the asparagus from Italy that we have chosen for our new fresh ravioli for today's pasta recipe. All Ravioli deliver you a simple and very tasty meal to put on the table. In fact, the sauce for ravioli should only be a complement to the ravioli that you bring to your mouth. The real flavor will actually explode from its filling with every bite, no one can resist! Not even you!

Saliboter, boter en salie

INGREDIENTS 2 pers: - 300g RAVIOLI with GREEN ASPARAGUS or others of your choice from our Ravioli range;

- 40g Butter;

- 6/7 Sage leaves (alternatively 2 teaspoons of dried sage);

- 1 handful of pine nuts;

- Extra Virgin olive oil;

TIP! Lightly toast the pine nuts on the fire with a non-stick pan until they turn light brown and you can smell the roasting.

You will get from your meal a very pleasant crunchy note! Simply divine!

PREPARATION: STEP 1 Put some water on the stove with a hint of salt to reach the cooking temperature, where you will cook the pasta later (1L/100g pasta). Then put the butter (without melting) and the sage leaves (whole or in pieces) in a wok pan. I always recommend rinsing the leaves before kitchen use and gently drying them with a cloth to avoid contamination.

STEP 2 Coarsely crumble the pine nuts using a suitable cookware (better if you chose to roast them first) and set them aside.

STEP 3 Now take your box of FRESH RAVIOLI from Pasta Cecchi and cook them for 3 minutes. Then take the ravioli with a skimmer and put them in the pan with the butter and sage to season them for about 1 minute and mix well together. The ravioli will be very hot and will melt the butter and mix all the flavors with the sage without adding any other heat. Optionally, add a few tablespoons of cooking water to keep the sauce creamy. Finally, serve your ravioli with butter and sage and garnish your plate with the crumbled pine nuts. Bring the pasta to the table and you will get applauses from your guests at the first bite! BUON APPETITO!!

Ravioli salieboter (boter en salie) met geroosterde pijnboompitten, Leiden
Ravioli met boter en salie

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