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Verse Pasta Leiden Thuisbezorgd

Pasta Cecchi

Authentic Fresh Pasta made in Leiden

Assortment updated weekly with tasty Ravioli, delicious Tagliolini or other types of long and short fresh pastas to match with all your sauces!

Which pasta are you ordering today? Various natural and seasonal ingredients, pasta with dough made from Italian durum wheat semolina or from wholemeal flour ground by antique Dutch windmills. We use preferably fresh eggs from local farmers or organic to guarantee the highest quality!

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Ravioli - Tagliolini - Fusilli and more...

our pasta formats are ready between 1 and 3 minutes

Ravioli filled with wild shrimps
Leiden heart ravioli
Salmon Ravioli with Ricotta and Parmigiano Reggiano
Classic fresh pasta like tagliolini and spaghetti
Whole grain ravioli filled with pumpkin and cheese

Enjoy a special dish once a week. Order Ravioli for a complete and easy to prepare meal, or choose our special and classic pastas to get a taste of Italy in Leiden
.... we can all be chefs with fresh pasta !!

Passion for good food

Pasta Cecchi only produces fresh pasta,

an explosion of passion and love in every bite "

Pasta Recipes

Get inspired by our delicious recipes

Let's cook together step by step

Verse Tagliolini Langoustines

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and will be delivered at the following times


15: 00-19: 00


(Leiderdorp, Oegstgeest, Warmond, Zoeterwouderijndijk and Voorschoten)


If you want to serve genuine fresh pasta and ravioli on a special occasion, we can offer larger quantities and also tailor-made recipes.

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We are ready for you !


Pasta Cecchi

Pasta Cecchi is a webshop for pasta lovers with a passion for taste and quality ...

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